What is a DPF?


A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a 'Filter' mounted in the exhaust of your vehicle.

It is designed to catch the soot particles that come from your engine, reducing the soot emissions by up to 80%.

DPFs were introduced following the introduction of the Euro 5 emission standards and are required to ensure your vehicle meets the emission specification it was designed to by the manufacturer.

The filter is designed to STOP the very fine, harmful particles entering the atmosphere and prevent our children, friends and family from breathing them in.

The DPF is structured like a series of honeycomb filters that stop the soot passing all the way through the filter, therefore reducing emissions.

ThRenault-DPF-and-exhaust-system-illustration-compressor.jpge engine management system ECU monitors the DPF soot content via a pressure differential sensor. 

When the DPF becomes blocked, the ECU will initiate a 'Reburn' to clean the filter while you're driving. 

If driving conditions don't allow the reburn to  be completed or the DPF is too blocked, the DPF filter will most likely need to be removed and cleaned in our specialised DPF recovery machine.

So if your DPF light is continually coming on, give us a call or get in touch via our CONTACT US page